Enrollment Information

Wujiang Taihu International Shool sets up two terms in a year-spring term and fall term. The new school year starts from Monday of the first week of September(or Monday of the last week of August). The school admits new students every year. But new students should present applications for enrollment three months before the school starts. The new students will receive a notice two or three weeks after their application submitted. The new students for grade 1 should be 6 years of age.
All students should live at the school. Students from G1 to G2 have the option of  staying at school or going home on the weekends. Students from G3 to G6 must stay at school on “odd weekends” since they have compulsory courses. They have the option of going home or staying at school on “even weekends”. Students who are going home on weekends leave on Friday afternoon and return to the school before 6:00pm on Sundays. During the summer and winter holidays, all dormitories will be closed and all the students are required to go back home.